Meet The Phandemic Krew

Meet the best and most passionate fans in baseball, where every game is a celebration of love for the sport and unwavering team support.

The Phandemic Krew

Baseball is Better Together

Founded in 2020 during the MLB’s unforgettable pandemic season, by Oscar Alvarado and Brett MacMinn, The Phandemic Krew has skyrocketed to become the ultimate fan community in all of baseball!

Moving from the iconic gates of Ashburn Alley straight to the heart of the action in Section 301, the electric atmosphere created by The Phandemic Krew’s thousands of fans is undeniable!

We even have our own song.
Section 301 written and performed by The Heels

The Phandemic Krew is a tapestry of Phillies fans, uniting individuals from every corner of the Philadelphia Area and South Jersey. This unique assembly of enthusiasts includes teachers, marketing professionals, a principal, a few doctors, and many more, whose paths might never have intersected were it not for their shared passion for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Together, we embody the spirit of baseball, proving that the love for the game transcends all boundaries — Because Baseball is Better Together.

The Krew By The Numbers