Bette's Triples

Introducing: Bette’s Triples – A Home Run for Animal Welfare

Let’s make the 2024 season even more memorable…

In an inspiring collaboration of sports enthusiasm and philanthropy, “Bette’s Triples” emerges as a beacon of hope and generosity within The Phandemic Krew community, embodying the spirit of giving back to those in need. This initiative, born from the heart of Bette’s family and embraced by The Phandemic Krew, pledges a donation of $100 to the Pennsylvania SPCA for every triple hit by a Phillie, echoing Bette’s deep love for animals and her unwavering support for the Phillies.

The call to action for all who wish to join this noble cause is simple yet profound. By making a one-time donation, you can stand alongside Bette’s family and The Phandemic Krew in supporting the Pennsylvania SPCA, ensuring that Bette’s legacy of compassion and resilience continues to inspire and make a tangible difference in the lives of animals.

Bette’s life story is a testament to the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity with grace and to live each day with purpose. Facing cancer three times, Bette displayed unparalleled courage and an undying passion for life, teaching us invaluable lessons in perseverance, love, and the importance of fighting for what matters most. Her journey was not just about battling illness; it was about embracing life’s joys with open arms and a full heart, especially her love for the Phillies and her commitment to animal welfare.

Despite the challenges she faced, Bette’s enthusiasm for the Phillies never waned. She remained a source of inspiration and joy, spreading her infectious love for the game and ensuring that her spirit of togetherness and excitement was shared by all who knew her. Her studies in Zoology and her home, which she turned into a haven for cats and dogs, reflect her profound connection to animals and her belief in the importance of providing care and love to those without a voice.

Today, The Phandemic Krew invites you to be a part of Bette’s enduring legacy by supporting “Bette’s Triples.” Together, let’s honor her extraordinary life, her dedication to the Phillies, and her compassionate soul. Through this initiative, we have the opportunity to continue Bette’s work, making a difference in the lives of animals and championing the causes she held dear. Join us in this heartfelt tribute to a remarkable individual whose impact will forever resonate within our community and beyond.

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