Ranger's Rangers

The Newest Phillies Fan Group: Ranger’s Rangers

Get ready to join the most electrifying Phillies fan group yet, a thrilling spin-off from The Phandemic KrewRanger’s Rangers!

Every five days, we transform into a Power Rangers parody in Section 301, Power Up, and cheer for Ranger Suárez as he dominates the mound for the Phillies.

Ranger Suárez, our dynamic left-handed pitcher from Venezuela, made his MLB debut in 2018. His versatility is legendary, excelling as a starter, reliever, and closer. Suárez gained massive recognition during the 2021 season when he seamlessly transitioned into a starting role and delivered outstanding performances, becoming a pivotal force for the Phillies’ pitching staff. His adaptability and consistent excellence make him a true superhero on the field.

How To Join Ranger’s Rangers

No fees, no dues — just pure Phillies passion! Whether you’re cheering from your living room, your local bar, or joining the Phandemic Krew in Section 301 at Citizens Bank Park, all you need to do is show up and support Ranger Suárez as he continues to conquer the National League.

Every Five Days – Power Up!

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